About that AI milk fantasy…


One of the scenarios you hear a lot about in marketing circles is the notion that Consumer X will be driving home and get an alert from his smart refrigerator that he’s out of milk. The car’s smart assistant will then identify a store to get milk, maybe with a preference for convenience or price.

Sounds neat, but have we forgotten that people worked out this whole milk issue years ago? In 1963, some 29.7% of consumers had milk delivered to their homes. But over time, it became seemingly more convenient to pick up milk at the store and the dairy industry figured out a way to make milk last longer.

In 2018, home milk delivery sounds like a fresh idea. And there is at least one company that uses an app to deliver milk to consumers — Doodhwala in India. Why is there no U.S. equivalent? (Moober, anyone?) I’d pay a bit extra for milk delivery, just like I pay for coffee and wine that comes through the mail. And milk (why not add bread too?) is one of those annoying purchases that necessitate a trip to the store.

Sounds like a better plan than having my refrigerator talk to my car, right?


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